Prophecy of Fr. Michel Rodrigue in regards to the two popes

Prophecy of Fr. Michel Rodrigue in regards to the two popes

Among the many prophetic communications that God provided dad Michel Rodrigue could be the information He offered him on , where the guy discusses what will happen to the Church and explicitly to pope Francis and pope emeritus Benedict. Parent Michel states:

An ecumenical bulk will be introduced within the chapel formulated by different religious chiefs very first, subsequently by a panel of bishops so that as final action, this type of mass might be proposed to the Holy pops, pope Francis in Rome.

a data of pope Francis aˆ?Magnum Principium’, came into effect on , which given power to national seminars and bishops to include newer terms, prayers or adjustments in the ritual of Holy bulk like the consecration because of their countries. Most nations are now involved in sins and difficulties of marriages since there have-been numerous divorces and separations, and they’ve got lost astray (says pops Michel) from the course of this Lord there have already been many deviations regarding this subject. Each bishop interprets in his own means the Church Doctrine and that’s harmful. If pope Francis does not signal their unique proposals, that would indicate rejecting precisely what the Holy Father already provided all of them as authority to do, next that would establish a schism and this is something that over the next few days we will have into the Church.

Roma will only sign the document simply because they will think every one of the power was given to the bishops which will make changes in their countries. This doesn’t mean the pope finalized the ultimate document, but he can feel around trying to contain it altered, and we can only just discern as soon as we listen during bulk, the terms within consecration may not be the sameaˆ?


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