Hawaii seems to like its involuntary taxes thrust upon many by a few, that was my point

Hawaii seems to like its involuntary taxes thrust upon many by a few, that was my point

Replacing chattel slavery with even more taxes which is what the US did from say 1860 to 2019, is not progress, neither is right no need to compare them to each other, they should be compared to more creative and moral systems. I don’t like to use the word tax because it sounds so cooperative and voluntary, when the process is coercive and involuntary.

We all pay our taxes, myself included, but few of us decide what all of us pay. While I respect that voting is a way of deciding things in groups, it is not fully voluntary either, you are compelled to face the results even if you do not participate. If there are 100 people and you decide for yourself, you decide 100%, if there is a dictator, you decide 0%, if you vote, you decide 1%. I believe that force is to be used only as a responsive measure against the less enlightened/more violent among us. A liberty based system, vs an entitlement based system such as voting, is what we use for most human organization and action, I am not clear why we resort to voting for the leftovers.

Are forced extraction financed entitlements a large part of Hawaii’s government and culture? My sense is yes. I hope this helps you know where I got my statements. Feel free to read on. Feel free to post this or not, though if you do not, I ask you to remove my post above your response.

Consider the following sequence of cases, which we shall call the Tale of the Slave, and imagine it is about you.

1. There is a slave completely at the mercy of his brutal master’s whims. He often is cruelly beaten, called out in the middle of the night, and so on.

Perhaps calling what we do taxes is about as off as calling it slavery…

2. The master is kindlier and beats the slave only for stated infractions of his rules (not fulfilling the work quota, and so on). He gives the slave some free https://rapidloan.net/installment-loans-ms/ time.

3. The master has a group of slaves, and he ong them on nice grounds, taking into account their needs, merit, and so on.

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perhaps not a lawyer Satisfy make contact with the place of deal with Attorney standard to learn more.

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