Sexting furthermore typically took place within existing intimate connections

Sexting furthermore typically took place within existing intimate connections

Sometimes, sexting got merely another form of sexual phrase between two different people who have been currently intimately productive with each other, as got the way it is for a participant who typed, a€?I merely do it with my girlfriend because we’ve got already been sexually energetic with each othera€ outpersonals? (M16). Various other instances, however, sexting offered as an alternative for sexual intercourse. ..we are not making love we have been sexting. It’s Not against my personal religion or things…sexting is not as bada€? (M16). Others mentioned trading and investing sexts with a well established romantic partner [a€?if my gf delivers one she actually is expecting one from mea€? (M17)], suggesting that reciprocity had been sometimes a motivation for sending sexts.

The conclusions reported above in addition show that these relational characteristics perform out in different ways for females and guys. We will set those observations apart for the time being and progress to the normative contexts of adolescent sexting, but we shall come back to this motif in a section that explicates gender and era developments from inside the relational and normative contexts of adolescent sexting.

Normative Contexts of Adolescent Sexting

A lot of the data on teenagers’ perceptions of sexting originated in the portion of the transcripts approaching whether they spotted sexts as a€?over the linea€? or a€?no big issue.a€? Thirteen individuals (25 percent) decided not to give an answer; twelve (24 per cent) said they thought sexting was a€?over the linea€?; twenty-one (41 per cent) thought that sexting was a€?no big deal,a€?


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